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Clean Rooms

A cleanroom is a controlled environment that would ideally have very low levels of harmful particulates present, such as bacteria, dust, human skin cells etc.

A cleanroom must have a controlled level of contamination in order to meet operating regulations. For this reason, clean room mats are not sufficient. They do not have the size or durability to protect against the invasion of contaminants. Our experts recommend Cleanzone for all critical areas in order to avoid the potential risks of contamination and cross contamination. This is due to the widely accepted fact that it takes a total of six footfalls or three full wheel rotations to effectively remove contamination from feet and wheels. Only Dycem will deliver this.

Contamination control is a major and growing concern in cleanrooms, critical areas and controlled environments. Clean-rooms require an extremely stringent approach to controlling possible contamination and ensuring an environment is free of bacteria, viruses or other pathogens. Particulate contaminants are known to adversely affect quality, product yield, operational effectiveness and profitability, therefore protecting these areas is paramount in protecting your business from potential contamination risks.

Protect your Environments

Whether the environment you operate in is industrial, controlled, critical or sterile, Dycem enables all organisations to reduce particle counts by up to 99.9%, substantially more than the small surface that clean room mats or peel off mats allow. It is quick and easy to clean; with no overt shift needed to your cleaning regime.

The cost is minimal when you consider the level of traffic that enters your critical zone, for instance even the smallest of facilities would most likely have at least 300 passes over the area where Dycem should be installed. This is a small price to pay when you consider the costs involved if using no contamination control which could result in costly recalls and downtime if contaminants enter your facility’s critical areas.

Particulate contaminants (both viable and non-viable) are known to adversely affect quality, product yield, operational effectiveness and profitability. Using no contamination control at floor level poses a dangerous threat to clean areas. Particles below a size of 30 microns are not visible to the naked eye so viable and non-viable particles are very likely to be present.

Whether your controlled zones are large or small, you can rely on Dycem to protect your most critical environments.

Clean Rooms

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