CleanZone - Lite

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Introducing the all new self-install Dycem contamination control system, that prevents up to 99.9% of foot, wheel and airborne contaminants from entering or exiting your critical control points.

CleanZone-Lite is a 3 - 12 month replacement system with up to 99.9% contamination control efficiency. The high surface energy attracts, collects and retains dirt, dust and bacteria between cleaning.

CleanZone-Lite retains dirt, dust, bacteria and has electro-static discharge qualities. Dycem CleaneZone - Lite is a Biomaster protected product..

..which is proven to reduce the growth of harmful bacteria such as Campylobacter, MRSA, E.Coli, Listeria, Salmonella and many others by up to 99.9%.

Environmental Impact

Dycem is easily integrated into your SOP and can be cleaned as part of your regular floor cleaning schedule.

Dycem does not impact on your daily waste volumes and can either be disposed of normally in regular waste or recycled into less critical applications.

Simple Cleaning

  • Easily adapted into your standard operating procedures
  • Simply clean once per shift for maximum contamination control efficiency.

Simple Life Cycle

  • CleanZone-Lite can be easily adapted into any short term solution
  • Ideally recommended as part of a 3 - 12 month replacement schedule, making this system 100% audit friendly
  • Perfect for temporary applications in refurbished areas and on smooth floors such as vinyl or epoxy

Simple Self-installation

  • Ideal for temporary applications in refurbished areas
  • Ideal for smooth floors i.e. vinyl and epoxy

What are people saying about Lite??

    "Using Dycem inside the critical area adjacent to products and processes dramatically reduces air borne contaminants by up to 60%"

    L. Ranta, Mcon Labs

    How does self install work?

    So, how do I clean Dycem Cleanzone Lite?

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