Cherie Jackson

Customer Service Manager

UK Office

Cherie is the Contamination Control office Manager, providing customer service for UK, Ireland, India, Malta, Australia, Israel and South Africa. Dealing with enquiries covering Contamination Control tack mats Clean Zone & WorkZone,, loose laid Floating Cleanzone Systems, CleanZone Lite and Flexi Systems. Arranging installation of CleanZone and WorkZone systems.Sales of Contamination Control Systems in Israel, Malta and Australia, covering market sectors such as Phamaceuticals, Food and Nutritionals, Electronics, Automotive, Biotech, Biomedical, Hospitals aerospace and many others.Ensuring customers receive the correct Dycem Contamination Control Systems to reduce both Viable and non Viable contamination and ESD reduction in their Critical Environments/Cleanrooms. Providing an after sales service to our customers with a 24hr response time and arranging Particle Collection Efficiency Testing yearly to meet customer GMP/FDA & MHRA audit requirements and ensure contamination control systems are in good working order.

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Justine Miles

Internal Sales Support

France & Benelux

Justine has been with Dycem for over a year now and deals with customer service and sales support in Contamination Control for French speaking countries as well as Spain, Italy and Portugal, working with Stewart Hyde, the contamination control specialist for these areas. As a fluent speaker of French and Spanish, Justine will communicate with customers regarding their contamination control requirements and Dycem’s crucial role in critical environment protection through reduction of contamination risk factors in their own language where possible. As well as striving to ensure that all customer queries are resolved she also makes sure that orders in her regions are dealt with efficiently.

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