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Dycem Grip Technology

Technology that protects your critical manufacturing processes

Introducing Dycem Grip technology; non-slip and anti-microbial products designed with your high risk environment in mind.

Dycem Grip Technology is a simple, effective solution to holding critical products and equipment in place. Available in a range of sizes, shapes and colours, Dycem can help improve your critical manufacturing processes by reducing the risk of breakages, spillages and damage. Dycem Grip is suited for securing portable bench equipment in place and provides an effective way of securing small components during various assembly processes.

Features and benefits

Grips up to angles of 50 degrees

  • High grip properties (high coefficient of friction)
  • Versatile can be cut to size and shape
  • Grips both sides without the need for adhesive
  • Portable, lightweight Ultra Grip technology
  • Easy to clean and reuse
  • Non-toxic and latex free

Less room for human error

Excellent at absorbing vibration and can be made with static dissipative properties if required

  • Use on electronic assemblers to grip small components
  • Prevent unwanted movement on assembly lines
  • Ideal for orbital shakers
  • Prevent the movement of vials, syringes and tools
  • Eliminates the need for clamps
  • Dycem products can be printed with an image or message to help operators during manufacturing and assembly
  • Great for placing on-top of vacuum tables to improve product quality and yield
  • Dycem openers make the opening of vials quick and easy
  • Self-adhesive discs can be applied to the base of equipment and objects
  • Panels and strips have an adhesive on one side so can be wrapped around handles for a built up comfortable grip

What Grip can do for you

    Feedback "Using Grip Technology has helped us to create a safer working environment, with less room for errors that can cost both time and money"

Dycem Grip Technology

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