Floating Floor System


Installed onto a 1.2mm (1/16") thick isolator membrane, the floating floor system allows the flexibility of having Dycem self installed or laid loose.

The underside of the floating floor system is an impervious, non-absorbent vinyl layer, resistant to moisture and containing multiple peduncles in order to minimise subfloor show-through, maintain rigidity of the Dycem product and ensure firm grip to the subfloor when in use.


This application is suitable in locations more suited to a product where long term adhesion to the subfloor is not possible. The floating floor system is ideal for a range of smooth and rough subfloors and is easily self installed in a matter of minutes, eliminating the need for any lengthy installations.

Tip: When using this system within your facility, it is extremely important to regularly clean not only the surface of the Dycem, but also the underneath. This will ensure that no microbial growth occurs underneath the system whilst in use.

Dycem's floating floor system can be easily self installed in a matter of minutes
Floating floor system

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