Assistive products

For areas where heavy traffic including pallet trucks and
forklifts are present, Dycem can still be complemented
by assistive flooring. Large particles from outside
environments are removed by these systems before
travelling over Dycem and help protect the Dycem
surface, allowing it to retain and control smaller

One product offering proven to work with Dycem
in heavy traffic areas is the ProfilGate®
cleaning system

Among other assistive systems, the ProfilGate® cleaning system provides:

  • Cleaning of the outer surfaces of tyres and wheels.
  • The ability to withstand up to 20 tons of weight per axle.
  • A lifetime warranty on trays and gates. The brushes
    are also robust, with a guaranteed durability of
    100,000 movements (under heavy traffic), however
    under normal use and by rotating the segments
    around, they can easily last up to 500,000
  • Ability to adapt the system to any size, complementing
    Dycem in any area.
WorkZone Assistive products

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