Our Inlaid Solution

Dycem inlaid and hot weld sealed into a colour matched retro fitted vinyl or safety floor. This solution offers the most seamless transition on and out of Dycem's contamination control flooring system.

Tip: Ideal solution for installations at design and build phase of a facility.


Standard Dycem colours and colour matched vinyl or safety flooring.


Colour matched vinyl or safety flooring is fitted to the existing subfloor using double sided adhesive. Dycem is inlaid, hot welded and coved up existing walls to create a water tight solution. The area is finished off with a gentle diminishing edge to create a seamless transition onto the area (if required).

Edging print options

Standard Black, White and Red Diminishing edging. Bespoke options available.

Dycem's inlaid solution can be specified into the floor at the architectural/ build phase

WorkZone Our Inlaid Solution

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