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Access Tiles

For Pedestrian and Light Wheeled Traffic


The application for this product offering will be for areas where segmentation of flooring is required. Dycem provides a significant business benefit to all key areas including:

  • Server rooms.
  • Communications rooms.
  • Critical IT environments subject to pedestrian and wheeled traffic.
  • All entrances to prevent the ingress of contamination.
  • Inside the critical areas to reduce the amount of airborne particulates.

Data centres - the facts

Dycem's access tiles are particularly important in data centres.

  • Studies show that 75% of hardware failures are caused by dirt.
  • One hour of downtime can cost an average of £300,000 (Source IBM Today). In comparison to these figures, the cost of preventative maintenance is minuscule.
  • The access tiles help reduce data loss, hardware failure, dust explosions and zinc whiskers by preventing dust and dirt entering your system.

There are two product offerings in Dycem's access tile range:

An inlaid access tile option where tiles containing pre applied Dycem replace existing tiles in your facility. This is an ideal solution if there is a need for a seamless flooring solution and access to cabling is required regularly.

Tiles contain a pre-applied Dycem and replace existing tiles in your facility.

A retro fit access tile option where Dycem can be easily and quickly installed on top of your existing tiles and comes complete with an outer edge system to allow unnoticeable transition on and off the area.

Comes complete with an outer edge system to allow easy transition on and off.

Please note that these products are not available in the USA currently

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Access Tiles

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