Dycem products have a life span of between 1 - 5 years. After that point the effectiveness will start to diminish. All Dycem products are fully warranted for 1 year and depending on traffic and general usage, a Dycem floor will continue to be effective for even longer than the recommended 1 - 5 years. But even after three years a Dycem floor is still twice as effective as a brand new Peel-off Mat.

Dycem will save you money in a number of ways:

  • by improving product yields.
  • by lowering cleaning and maintenance costs
  • by reducing consumables spending and waste disposable costs.

Dycem has a highly responsive telephone customer support department to answer all your queries. Click here to see the contact page.

Dycem is internationally recognised under ISO 9001:2000 standard, assuring you of top quality products and services, continuity of supply and technical support.

Can I use glue on my Dycem to fix it semi-permanently / permanently in place?

Studies by 3M have shown that over 80% of contamination enters the cleanroom through entrances and exits, mostly at or near floor level. Feet and wheels are therefore the single major source of contamination transferred into the cleanroom and critical environment.

Unless an effective floor decontamination surface is used, the contamination rises to operational level as a result of vortices created by movement of personnel and wheeled traffic. Once at this level the
contamination is free to permeate everywhere unchecked, with all the consequences this can bring contamination and can result in unsaleable goods, manufacturing downtime and loss of consumer confidence. The
impact on product yield, reworking and operational effectiveness can be huge. These factors can also lead to an organisation's diminished reputation and loss of competitive edge.

Dycem has been proven to be up to 99.9% effective in preventing both wheel and foot-borne contamination entering the critical environment.

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There are two key reasons; Performance & Cost Savings
Some companies still use adhesive decontamination mats which come in set sizes and need to be peeled several times a day. However, independent tests carried out at GlaxoSmithKline prove that Dycem floor
coverings and mats are more than three times more effective than Peel-off Mats.

In fact Dycem scored 99% performance reliability in preventing both wheel and foot-borne contamination entering the critical environment. This was against just 27% for peel off mats, a huge difference by any standards.

Ensuring a clean manufacturing environment is essential. It also involves cost and effort but with Dycem you get the best of both worlds - highly effective decontamination control through cost effective solutions.

Dycem will save you money in a number of ways:

  • Improved product yields.
  • With contamination well and truly under control you can have the confidence of knowing that, with reduced particle counts, there is no threat to the quality standard of your product and that whatever you produce can be sold.
  • Lower cleaning and maintenance costs.
  • Dycem systems mean you avoid the problems of air handling and filter systems becoming overwhelmed. There is also no need for increased air flow which increases costs. Plus actual cleaning is a simple process that can be carried out as part of your regular cleaning schedule.
  • Reduced consumable spending.
  • With Dycem there is no need to keep replacing the surface, as with peel off mats. Peel off mats with average usage can require as many as 24 peelings per shift, or 72 peelings per day per entrance, which becomes very expensive.
  • Reduced waste disposal costs.
  • Dycem flooring is the more environmentally friendly solution. There's no constant wastage and need for disposal, as with peel off mats.

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Contamination on feet and wheels is in layers and of varying sizes, requiring multiple steps (turns) for complete decontamination. The minimum recommended area for effectiveness is 3 metres (10 linear feet) by 2
metres (6'6''), or 6m2 (66ft2).

We can tailor a solution to meet your specific requirements. The type and volume of traffic and frequency of your cleaning schedule all determine the most appropriate installation size to ensure you get the most
effective contamination control solution your business really needs.

Dycem manufactures four floor decontamination products:

Cleanzone is designed for large bespoke areas where there are lots of people and light wheeled traffic.

Workzone is designed for large bespoke areas where there is heavy wheeled traffic - specifically designed to remove and retain wheel borne contamination from pallet trucks, large trolleys and carts.

Please bear in mind:

  • All our products need to be regularly cleaned to remain effective, this is a very simple process involving a good quality detergent, a sponge mop and a squeegee blade.
  • All our products are fully warranted for one year of normal use.
  • We will come and test the ongoing effectiveness of your Dycem product. Please email us at Customer Services to request this.

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Studies by 3M have shown that over 80% of contamination enters the cleanroom through entrances and exits, mostly at or near floor level. Dycem should be used in entrances, exits, corridors, changing rooms, airlocks and areas leading to the cleanroom.

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Cleaning is a very simple process. Just use detergent and/or disinfectant with a sponge mop, squeegee or a recommended cleaning machine. Dycem offer a full range of effective cleaning products to provide you with the total decontamination solution.

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As part of our Total Service to you we will visit on a regular basis and test the particle collection efficiency of your Dycem product. We will then report back to you our findings.

One of the many benefits of a Dycem floor covering is that it can be cleaned as part of your regular cleaning and maintenance schedule, provided the right size floor covering is laid to accommodate the traffic using it.

Dycem floor coverings and mats are active working contamination control surfaces. They are installed/laid to prevent particle transfer into the critical area. Between cleaning, the floor will look dirty. This is good - if the dirt was not on the floor, it would be in your critical environment.

We have particular expertise in highly contaminination-sensitive operational areas (generally known as the cleanroom or critical environment) working with large companies within the pharmaceutical, micro
electronics, medical device and aerospace industries amongst others.

Yes. We can offer a 14-day trial. We will advise you on the correct contamination control coverage and appropriate cleaning. If the flooring does not achieve what we say it will, we will remove the installation. We are confident that the flooring will work for you.

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