Alan Fisher

Senior Contamination Control Consultant - Global

Scotland and Ireland

Business Development Manager and Training Officer; Alan serves on a number of ISO and Management Committees, is a recognised author of Contamination Control articles and Risk Assessment, and engages in a number of public speaking seminars globally.

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Jamal Al-Doori

Contamination Control Specialist - UK and The Netherlands


As contamination control specialist for The United Kingdom and The Netherlands, Jamal works closely with a number of the worlds leading pharmaceutical, electronic, automotive, medical device and food manufacturing companies. His aim is to aid them in improving their environmental control in their critical and clean room environments. This is done in order to reduce the risk of contaminants becoming a disruptive factor in product development and production. Jamal is also a specialist in the area of Business Management, which he studied at Cardiff University. Outside of work, Jamal is married to his wife Jessica and is a father to their 2 young sons Judah and Laith. He is also a keen music, sport and Motorsport fan.

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