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  • "Independent tests carried out at GlaxoSmithKline prove that Dycem High Performance Contamination Control Zones prevent up to 99.9% of all viable and non-viable foot and wheel borne contamination from entering a critical area."

    Dr Caroline Clibbon, Senior Microbiologist, GlaxoSmithKline, UK

  • "Dycem High Performance Contamination Control Zones are great at trapping contamination and helping to clean-up various areas in the paint department, preventing contamination from affecting the paint finish."

    Gary Appleton, Ford

  • "We have calculated that even a short time after installation we have saved money by using these products. I would like to add that the customer service has also been exceptional."

  • "Dycem is used outside of theatres and all the users, especially orthopaedic staff are very happy with it, seeing the levels of dust and dirt it removed prior to their critical environments."

    Gerry Vellers, Royal Marsen Hospital, Surrey

  • "We have recognised that the Dycem zones work very well - confirmed by measurements made by the manufacturer's representative - our powder remains in the zone and does not spread outside the production areas. I can only recommend the installation of Dycem zones - if you adhere to the rules for cleaning them, the effect is really noticeable."

    Sylva Balcárková, a Teva shift leader

  • "Dycem is the most cost effective means of controlling contamination at floor level and preventing contamination from getting into critical development work."

    David Williams, Honda

  • "Since replacing peel off mats we have seen a noticeable improvement in static charge within the labs and surrounding areas. We also found that a lot of dirt was building in between where mats were ganged together. A much more effective method of prevention."

  • "We have used Dycem for many years in our aseptic processing areas. We use it in transfer hatches (for wheels) and at entrances and exits to restrict the outside micro-organisms from getting into the facility."

    David Cope, Kings College Hospital

  • "We invested in Dycem some five years ago to protect our critical environments i.e cleanrooms and camera assembly. Owing to the success of our manufacturing we have now built new cleanrooms and improved the cleanliness of our controlled areas. The improvement in those areas is very much down to the Dycem product."

    Mark Wells, Sony, Wales

  • "We have been using and testing Dycem in our Pharmacy, Sterile and Aseptic areas. The tests carried out have established the effectiveness of Dycem in controlling microbial contamination and potential cross contamination from feet and wheels."

    Christina Lowe, Singleton Hospital, Swansea

  • "We have seen significant improvements in our controlled areas since the installation of Dycem and staff have commented that the superior efficiency and simplicity of the system allows them to control heavier traffic scenarios."

    Iulian Lazaroae, Continental, Sibiu Site, Romania

  • "It is of great importance to Seagate that contamination is kept to an absolute minimal possibility; we take great precautions to protect the production in all other areas. Dycem have provided excellent service alongside very high quality products."

  • "Dycem High Performance Contamination Control Zones have certainly reduced our particulate levels as well as cleaning costs. We have been very happy with the results and continued customer care that we have experienced from the Dycem team."

    Monsieur Claude Muller, expert trainer in Techniques Aseptiques

  • "We have been so satisfied with the performance of the products that we are in the process of identifying additional locations where Cleanzone or Workzone can be applied to further enhance our contamination control."

    Nigel Dodd, Health Physicist at the PowerStation

  • "We found the service from Dycem particularly helpful when deciding which products would be of most use to ourselves in the company. We were greeted with a friendly and approachable team who were also available to answer any further queries we might have after installation."

  • "We have found Dycem to very effectively live up to the statements it makes in its product policy. We require a very high standard of service which Dycem very effortlessly supplied us with. We will certainly consider using other products from the company in the future."

  • "We installed Dycem High Performance Contamination Control Zones 12 months ago as part of our ongoing programme to control contamination. It was so effective at removing contamination from both feet and wheels that we decided to increase the number of Dycem areas as we built our additional cleanrooms and moved towards more controlled warehouse environments."

    Suzanne Stubbs, Technical Manager, Shield Medicare

  • "After researching many companies providing similar solutions, we were keen to use Dycem for their apparent cost efficiency. This has proved to be an absolute; we are convinced the installation has saved us a great amount in the long term."

  • "Dycem dramatically reduces the levels of dust from IT server rooms. IT cleaning have also found that although Dycem has to be cleaned on a daily basis its effect is to reduce the quarterly cleans to half yearly, enabling you to reduce your cleaning and maintenance costs."

    Steve Yates, IT Cleaning

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