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Electrostatic... Contamination comes in many forms

Electro static is caused by a number of factors and is commonly generated by the contact of materials. Simply put, it can be produced by everyday occurrences such as a person picking up Styrofoam, walking across a carpet and is even caused by dust in the environment. Positive and negative charges are stored in materials and carried by people, and then are dissipated (ESD) through the receiving object as the current seeks a path that is not impeded.

Frequently it is the metal chassis of an object that will act as the conductor for the static to strike, although it can also be through many other objects. The human body is capable of storing a charge up to 25,000 V, which is engendered as more static electricity initiating actions ensue.

It is almost impossible to avoid static generating actions. How do you stop employees walking across a surface, or unpacking components that have been delivered in synthetic materials? Static electricity is a natural occurrence; the best way of preventing damage to equipment is to lower the amount that can be built up by providing the right tools to team members and creating an non compatible environment. The use of grounding mats or flooring is a common instrument to help towards reducing static and the damage it causes. Dycem products, such as Workzone for heavy wheel traffic areas or Cleanzone for lighter wheel traffic and foot traffic, have two functionalities that help decrease electrostatic.

You can read our blog posts on electro static discharge here for information about the risks and solutions.

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Electrostatic Discharge

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