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Antimicrobial Push Pads for use on doors or near entrances and exists

Dycem Push Pads

Anti-microbial PUSH PADS are the latest VISUAL COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY that actively inhibits the growth of bacteria on the surface as well as on the hands when contact is made.

PUSH PADS are easy to use and require no overt action, as well as being simple to clean and low maintenance.

Place next to entrances and exists and on doors to inhibit the growth of bacteria and reduce the risk of contamination entering controlled or critical areas.

Suitable for any environment where contamination is of concern, Push Pads are used by Healthcare, Hospitals, Labs, Food Processing facilities and many other industries.

Push Pad Benefits For Industrial Use

  • Help control bacteria bought in by staff
  • Reduce the risk of infections
  • Help towards maintaining audit requirements
  • Protect your business from costly product recalls
  • Save your business valuable time and money
  • Simple and effective

  • Why choose Push Pads

    There are many reasons to choose Push Pads for your facility, as contamination is a costly business. The same technology that goes into our trusted Contamination Control flooring goes into the Dycem Push Pad, meaning that you can reduce the risk of harmful pollutants reaching your controlled environments.

    Our zoning systems and colours adapt to any SOPs on site, help to reinforce safe practices by staff and reduce human error.

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    Push pads for Industrial Use

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