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Risks to Business

Air, foot and wheel contamination in manufacturing, processing and storage areas can have an impact on many aspects of business, interrupting production, reducing product yields and in serious cases, ruining reputations.

The focus for conventional contamination control is airborne and personnel movement – the real problem lies at floor level so the need to control contamination is vital.

Without effective measures in place, contamination can pose significant risks to businesses:

The risk to your brand

  • Your company’s reputation will be tarnished, perhaps irreparably, if you have to recall a contaminated product.
  • The risk to your profits

  • Your bottom line – your company’s ultimate financial well-being – will suffer every time you have to recall a product.
  • The risk to health & safety

  • The health and safety of your employees and customers will be endangered by a contaminated environment and contaminated products.
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    Risk to Business

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