How Clean is your Facility?
Book a site survey to find out

At Dycem, we offer a thorough analytical site survey in order to detect the cleanliness of your facilities.

As part of the site survey;

  • Our contamination control specialists will offer their expertise on the most effective ways of controlling contamination
  • They will assess your critical areas and suggest the most appropriate contamination control system available
  • During the meeting, examples of existing installations will be presented to you via our app, to illustrate Dycem's capabilities in similar scenarios to yours
  • If required, we perform a quick and easy ATP Test to give an indication of hygiene and cleanliness in seconds.

We then provide you with a full in-depth report and recommendations.

For a site survey or to trial Dycem in your facility please contact us via the "Book a survey now" tab at the top of the page.

Site Surveys

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