Top Contamination Risks

Using no contamination control at floor level poses a dangerous
threat to clean areas - even if you think the floor looks clean.
Particles below a size of 30 microns are not visible, so no matter
how clean the floor looks, viable and non viable particles will 
be present, posing a risk to your controlled environment, products,
employees and business.

 For a quick and easy ways to find out if contamination is in
the air wipe your floor at the entrance way & inside the critical
with an alcohol wipe - if it gets dirty you should consider Dycem.


Place a sample of Dycem on the floor and walk over it, if the
first step leaves an imprint take multiple steps until no more

contamination is being removed. This will give you a good indication
on the level of contamination and the size of Dycem 
that you need. 


A staggering 80% of contamination entering your critical environment
does soon feet or wheels. (Source: 3M).


Using a correctly sized and maintained piece of Dycem at all
entrance ways can reduce this by up to 99.8%


One single microbe in a batch of aseptic drugs could cause the
entire batch to be quarantined or scrapped, leading to 
shortages, financial consequences, product recalls, FDA warning
letters or even company shutdown.      


By installing Dycem to cover the full width of your entrance
or exit ways prior to critical areas, you are ensuring the system

won’t be bypassed and that contamination will be adequately
removed from feet and wheels.

Top Contamination Risks

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